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What a wedding planner does & why you should hire one!

A wedding planner or coordinator will handle a lot of behind the scenes of wedding plans - such as helping you to figure out the small details, developing a timeline, formulating a budget, reviewing vendor contracts, and taking on the task of managing RSVPs. Below are some examples of items I could/would cover within each package that I offer.

This is an example of what can be included within each package and is not exact.

If you opt not to hire a wedding planner, then you should still consider having a coordinator for your event to handle deliveries, set-up, managing the timeline of the day, and any emergencies that come up. A coordinator is there to be your spokesperson for the day and answer questions from vendors and family members that you may not want to deal with during your wedding day preparation.

There are many reasons why you should hire a planner or coordinator for your event. Below are some of the reasons that I personally find to be very important!

1) Having a planner/coordinator removes a lot of the planning stress from you.

2) Hiring a planner/coordinator for your event instead of having a family member do it allows them to fully enjoy your event.

3) A planner/coordinator helps to keep the entire bridal party on schedule and within the day of timeline.

4) They become the go-to person, so you don't have to answer every question.

5) IF a wedding day crisis does happen then they are prepared to handle it in some way, so you don't have to stress about it.


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