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The Face Behind AA Weddings and Events

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to read my blog! I figured a good way to start things off would be to take a moment to introduce myself to potential clients and readers like you.

Wedding Photo by Susie Abbott Photography

My name is Adrianna Anderson and I have a Bachelor's of Science in Health Services Management. I picked my major hoping to be in a position that I could help others - but through my time in college I was in multiple honors societies in leadership positions. These positions allowed me the opportunity to not only volunteer within my community but to organize meetings and fundraisers. Planning the meetings and fundraisers I realized that it was something I was truly passionate and excited about.

After graduation, I went to a different career path. Over the years since graduation I assisted in planning gatherings and weddings for family and friends. Then I got engaged and dove into planning my own wedding. I love being organized and I love being creative! I didn't want to have a Pinterest wedding, but to really take all those ideas and make them my own. I loved planning my wedding - down to the most minuscule details. This is what lead to me wanting to start my own wedding planning business, especially after seeing the lack of planners in the Greenville, NC area.

What really gave me the final push to start my business was when hurricane Florence came into town, and hit the city our wedding venue was in very hard, and our wedding venue flooded. We were about two and half weeks away form our wedding date when we got the call from our venue letting us know that they were in fact flooded from hurricane Florence and wouldn't be able to host our wedding. At this point, we needed to find a new venue for our rehearsal, ceremony, and reception - that also offered tables, chairs, linens, and catering!

It was very stressful as a bride, but in the end, we had a beautiful wedding and everything turned out wonderfully. The venue that we actually had our wedding at was spectacular and very understanding of our situation - they went above and beyond to accommodate everything that we had already planned from our original venue because all the details were already done. Most importantly, all our family and friends could be there and my husband and I were able to get married as we had originally planned!

Knowing that I could come through with such a major plan B at the last minute helped me to know that I was truly capable of having my own business and taking on official clients to plan and coordinate weddings. If you've stayed with me this long to read this whole post - thank you! It was much longer than expected, but I wanted to give some insight to who I am and why I am running my own business! Let me know if you have any questions that you'd like for me to answer!


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